Radius Logo

Centrally located, these boutique condominium residences offer
easy access to all that Vancouver has to offer. Clean modern lines combined with rich wood bring luxury to life. Roof decks with amazing panoramic views of downtown are one of the highlights. The marketing brochure brought these themes together in a clean sophisticated way.

Radius wood texture
Radius brochure image 2 Radius wood texture

With the site located at 4th Avenue and Fir Street, it was important that the signage program be clean and informative while preserving the sophisticated look. The comprehensive design drafts below are combined into an actual site photo. A detailed street elevation drawing complements these photo comps.

Radius wood texture
Radius signage image 2 Radius signage image 3 Radius signage image 1 Radius wood texture

Visitors are greeted with the a very understated but elegant use of the logo at the reception area. Comps of some feature areas in the sales office are shown. The rich wood texture was used extensively in this campaign. The black glass floorplan graphics with silver dimensional text and white etched cut vinyl are footed in marble.

Radius wood texture
Radius sales centre image 1 Radius sales centre image 4 Radius sales centre image 2 Radius sales centre image 3 Radius wood texture