Dominion Logo

Rising on the slope of historical New Westminster, Dominion draws from the past but looks to the future. The stylized ‘Union Jack’ reflects on England’s historical influence on New Westminster but also continuing influence in world trends. Cool blue and green tones, set against a white background the icon is used on all marketing collateral to give a modern presenation. Is that Mr. Bean in the mini?

Union Jack Graphic
Dominion image 1 Union Jack Graphic

Inside the sales office, visitors are first greeted with a back-lit adaptation of the logo. In the presentation area rough timbers, white brick clad walls, replica English street signs and vinyl wall murals of historical images are inspirations for New Westminsters past while clean lines, graphics and videos screens keep a modern feel.

Easton divider
Dominion image 4 Dominion image 2 Dominion image 3 Union Jack Graphic

An intricate die cut and embossed brick pattern highlight the
brochure cover. The inside pages feature current and past images
of New Westminster as well as actual Dominion finishes and neighbourhood map. The geometric design; blue, green and white palette of the ‘Union Jack’ are carried through the brochure.

Dominion Brochure Union Jack Graphic