Bridlewood Logo

Refined by nature in Coquitlam. Bridlewood brings the rustic outdoor experience of Burke Mountain Provincial Park together with the urban amenities Coquitlam has to offer. This elegance is captured with a black and white colour plalette with touches of light gold. The use of the shield icon in the logo suggests an upscale equestrian or country club. A classic serif font can be used in black or simply embossed as demonstrated on the brochure cover below. The inside brochure pages are framed by an understated elegant black border with a metallic gold inline capped with the shield icon.

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In this highly competitive community, the signage campaign needed
to stand out yet retain it’s elegance. This was acheived with the high contrast black and white colour palette, elegant typsetting retaining white space and detailing on the posts.

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Watch the Bridlewood sales office come to life in the workflow below. Attention to detail is evident from the very first sketches all the way to the final installation. The perspective composites give clarity from concepts to approvals, proper fabrication and installion for suppliers. The dimensional Bridlewood logo has a metal face and is back-lit adding an extra ambience. The shield icon is used extensively beginning on the top of the floorplan frames to the pattern on the floorplan wall. The column millwork style is consistant throughout
as the sign posts match the office columns.

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