Aviara Logo

As the first hi-rise in this North Burnaby neighbourhood, all marketing themes emphasize the arrival of this gem to the Burnaby skyline.
Rich teal and dark blue colours, plus metallic and jewel images
were integrated into all aspects of the print and signage collateral.
Old Hollywood luxury and charm combine in this outstanding new housing opportunity.

Aviara colour band
Aviara brochure 1 Aviara colour band

The workflow, below, shows the on-site signage from concept through to completion. Detailed signage concepts are presented using actual photographic backdrops. Hoarding plans and layouts shown in a perspective grid are part of the process.

Aviara colour band
Aviara Site Hoarding Aviara Site Hoarding Aviara Site Hoarding Aviara Site Hoarding Aviara colour band

Simple yet adaptable, the hand lettered logo was used in many creative ways. Below, it was transformed into a neon sign.

Aviara colour band
Aviara sales centre exterior 2 Aviara colour band